Kayak4Conservation is a not-for-profit initiative working in conjunction with

Raja Ampat Research and Conservation (RARCC).

Paddling with kayak4conservation gives you opportunity to explore the beauty of Raja Ampat islands.


Kayak4conservation and RARCC’s mission, is to serve as a development institution for local people of Raja Ampat’s archipelago. We are working to fulfill their overall need for capital, through financing and advisory services.

For us – as stewards of this beautiful creation – ‘eco-friendly’ is not only taking care of nature but of the people who live here in Papua.



Kayaking in the Raja Ampat Archipelago, West Papua, Indonesia – Images by Frits Meyst Adventure4ever.com


Kayaking within Raja Ampat we believe you can find whatever you are looking for. Making use of local Papuan guides and guest houses, you can independently discover the biodiversity of this region. Engaging in eco-friendly tourism, you can kick back and relax on a beautiful white sandy beach.



Please note that Kayak4Conservation is not a tour operator. Our aim is to bridge the gap between those curious and passionate for the wonderful nature and culture of West Papua with the resources and services already provided by the people of Raja Ampat in a way that minimizes our impact and maximizes conservation efforts.


For more information on the Kayaking and the different opportunities and trip options, go to our Kayaking page, or, for general information about Kayak4Conservation, the RARCC, and the area, please see our FAQ’s page.